About our company

Ever wondered what the need for pure and clean drinking water is? Ever thought of the importance of providing your family with the best germ free water? Well, if not it’s high time you think of it. It’s pure water that keeps you healthy and fit. Here we are Filtrazone Water Technologies helping you out there in search of solutions to all the water related problems. Filtrazone is one of the leading sales & service providers in the water and waste water treatment sector in Kerala. Our product line includes a wide range of Domestic, Residential,  Commercial and Industrial Multi Purpose water filtration, water softeners and purification systems. We are specialized in analyzing the consumer requirements and providing the proper solution depending on the source of water . We have well experienced team to provide a proper service to our clients. We have branches in Kannur, Thrissur, Tirur and Malappuram

Filtrazone introduces you to the best and advanced RO purifiers and water filters. Filtrazone brings you the pure and safe drinking water. We offer consulting services for water problems, such as odor removal, unpleasant taste, hardness, iron, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals. Looking for Water purifiers & services in Tirur? Want to talk with our experts? We will introduce you to the world of water. You are free to come and visit our stores and experience the difference. We assure you the best service ever. Grab your chance to bless your family, offices, tenants, institutions and public spaces with our elegant products and fall in love with the purest, safest and tastiest drinking water ever. 

We are wholesaler & retailer of Water Treatment Products such as Pressure Vessels, Filtration Medias, Sand Silex, Katalox Light, MNo2, Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Resins Automatic and Manual Multi port Valves, Housing Filters, Multi cartridge Filters, Inline Filters, RO Membranes, UF Membranes, and other Water Treatment Chemicals. Our Technical Teams are capable to provide maintenance for all types of water filtration and RO purifier systems any where in Kerala.