• Alkaline RO water purifier :- Alkaline filter cartridge maitains pH level to give you alkaline water which supports immune system , a healthy skin and body hydration.
  • Fruits & Vegetable Detoxifier :- This machine generates ozone with the help of an Ozonator to remove pestisides and other harmful chemical impurities from fruits and vegetables.
  • Cold drinking water :- Drink cold water direct from RO machine.
  • Hot boiling water :- No need to boil water for tea & coffee , 99 degree hot water available at just a finger touch.
  • Child lock for Hot water :- This machine has a feature to dispense hot water safely specially for small children.
  • Inbuilt 7 liters water storage :- No need to store purified water, this machine has a inside 5 liters of normal storage, 1.2 liters of hot and 0.7 liters of cold water storage.

Technical Specifications :-

1. Cooling power 60 Watt / hr, Heating 550Watt / hr & RO 30 Watt / hr only.
2. Water Cooling Capicity  0.7 Ltr in Every 30 Minutes.
3. Water Heating Capacity 1 Ltr in 5 minutes.
4. LED Display Screen to Monitor Machine Status.
5. Purifying water TDS & Hot water Temperature Display on Screen.
6. Dual mode table top / wall mounting.
7. Intelligent Auto Membrane Flushing once in every hour.

Five Stage Standard Water filtration :-
1.  Polipropilen 5 micron filter cartridge to remove physical impurities from raw water.
2.  Granuals active carbon filter,it removes odor , smell and colour from raw water.
3.  Carbon block filter it removes clorin and organic impurities from raw water.
4.  Reverse Osmosis membrane removes desolve impurities from raw water.
5.  Alkaline and mineral cartridge which gives us healthy drinking water.

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